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Confronting Racism Resources

As we as individuals and as a community struggle to confront racism and biases that we may not even realize we have, let us do so in love and with persistence.  Below are some websites and resources that are available to help us educate ourselves as well as find ways to reach out and make a difference. This list is of course not all that is out there.  Keep reading, watching and learning! If you find something that you believe is worth sharing, please send the link or information to Pastor Sheryl at  

Free financial web resource accredited by the Better Business Bureau:

Closing the racial wealth gap in America isn't a simple fix, but many experts say education and financial literacy can help. To shed light on the topic, we've created an in-depth article discussing:
- The impact that this knowledge gap has on the African American community
- Socioeconomic and cultural barriers
- The role of Black financial advisors

Please take a look:

Documentary Worth Seeing: Open Wounds

available free to stream until March 11, 2022

In the film, Pastor Phil Allen tells the tragic story of intergenerational trauma in his own family. Through his emotional portrayal, we see how acts of violence against prior generations can negatively impact African-American families today.  


Open Wounds is currently free to stream by signing up for a time until the 11th of March, thanks to the support of the Champaign Community Coalition and our local United Way.  

The hope is that Open Wounds will generate community-wide dialogue about racial trauma that allows us to examine our own community. Then, challenged by that deeper understanding, we can pursue responsible action to heal.  Sometimes we need to look back to move forward.


Use the link below to sign up for a date that works for your viewing convenience.  Following sign-up, information will emailed from the United Way about how to access the film, reflective questions, and opportunities to engage in facilitated discussions.

UMC Religion and Race Resources


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