Confronting Racism Resources

As we as individuals and as a community struggle to confront racism and biases that we may not even realize we have, let us do so in love and with persistence.  Below are some websites and resources that are available to help us educate ourselves as well as find ways to reach out and make a difference. This list is of course not all that is out there.  Keep reading, watching and learning! If you find something that you believe is worth sharing, please send the link or information to Pastor Sheryl at  

Dismantling Racism: Pressing on to Freedom 

The Council of Bishops, the General Commission on Religion and Race, the General Board of Church and Society and United Methodist Women held a Town Hall conversation where we will take a deep dive into the true (and sometimes suppressed!) history of our nation and church.

UMC Religion and Race Resources

Resources on Social and Systematic Injustice Available through the Champaign Library

Looking for More?? Check out the resources listed by the Evanston Public Library