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Getting connected to God and others starts here.  

We are better together.

Questions?  Contact Pastor Cory Blackwell at 217-359-3631 or

Lenten Groups

Connect with one another and with God, so that we all might become transformed followers of Christ.


Discovery Sunday School 

Sundays @ 9am

Each Sunday, this class of 20-30 gathers to care for one another discuss living out their faith.  This Lent, they will be following our sermon series called A Meal with Jesus: Discovering Grace, Community, & Mission around the Table, drawing from Tim Chester's study of the same name.   

Roscoe Pershing

Praying the Scriptures

Sundays @ 4pm

In-person, North Sanctuary of the church

Each Sunday, Pastor Cory leads a time of praying through the Scriptures from 4-5pm and will be focusing on Lenten passages.  Each week, they'll use a centuries-old practice called Lectio Divina that helps us think on and pray through a passage of the Bible.  Then, they'll follow with a short discussion and prayer.  Our hopes are that this will be part group experience and part reflective worship experience.  Childcare provided.

Pastor Cory Blackwell, 217-359-3631 or   


A Bible study group that is a fun group of theologically diverse people engaging in respectful discussion.  This Lent, they’ll continue their exploration of Jesus in the Gospels to consider how best to love God and others—how best to live in a complex world. 

Steve Briggs


Monday Night Life

Mondays @ 5:30-6:30pm at the church

A women’s group that meets weekly to talk about life, faith, and to learn how we can grow closer to God.  This Lent, they will be using Susan Robb's Seven Words: Listening to Christ from the Cross.  Come learn more about our compassionate God and the love of Christ.  Contact Johnette Sparks to get involved or with any questions:

Johnette Sparks




Reaching Out

1st, 3rd, & 4th Tuesdays @ 9am

In-person at the church - The Gathering Area

This group is dedicated to service within the church and community.  By engaging in book discussions, they seek to more fully understand what they believe and how those beliefs impact their actions in the world.  This Lent, they are moving through the book Fight Like Jesus: How Jesus Waged Peace throughout Holy Week by Jason Porterfield.

Pam Socie

Covenant Group   

Tuesdays @ 7pm at the church 

Tod and Belinda Courtney offer a place to talk about life and to grow in faith.  This Lent, they will be continuing to thoughtfully explore how best to live in today’s world—offering grace and love to all we meet. 

Tod & Belinda Courtney


Wednesday Warriors

Wednesdays @ 10am

For Lent, this group will be seeking to encounter Jesus through Liz Curtis Higgs' study called The Women of Easter.  Their purpose is to be prayer warriors for each other, for their families, friends, church, and nation.  They aim to support one another through whatever life throws our way, and they meet in person.

Ellen Mennenga,


Wednesdays @ 6pm

This group is facilitated by Jim Matthews--with resourcing from our co-interim pastors Jan and Keith.  This Lent, they will follow the Lenten sermon series called A Meal with Jesus: Discovering Grace, Community, & Mission around the Table, drawing from Tim Chester's study of the same name.  Each week, they will discuss and unpack themes from the previous weekend's worship.       


Thursday Morning Bible Study

Thursdays @ 9am

In an effort to embrace the love of Christ, this Lent the Thursday Morning Study will be using "Be Free (Galatians) - Exchange Legalism for True Spirituality" by Warren W. Wiersbe.  Each week, they will gather to consider how best to follow God in a complex world and to support and encourage one another.

Russ Hannegan

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