A Guide for Daily Prayer & Readings

How to Use This Guide

We’ve compiled this as a guide for daily prayer for individuals, couples, and groups.  It is intended to be a starting point for prayer and Scripture reading and an aide in growing closer to Christ.  The readings and theme for each week will tie into our weekend worship and sermons.

Struggled with How to Read the Bible?

R – Read the passage twice.  After the first reading, pause and reflect, then read again more slowly.

E – Evaluate: What is new to me from this reading? What did I learn about God? About myself? About the world or other people? Any commands to obey, principles to follow, or promises to enjoy?

A – Apply: Take 3 minutes in silent prayer. Envision yourself meeting with God over coffee.  Ask God to show you how this Scripture can or should make a difference in your life.  Ask if there is something specific you are supposed to do in response to what you have read.

L – Live into what God has revealed to you through this passage.*


    *The R.E.A.L acronym is borrowed from Rev. Michael Paulson at Morton UMC in Morton, IL.


I. Opening Prayer

Loving God, we come to you because we want to follow you.  We want to know you, to see your presence, and to be made more like you.  Come now, Holy Spirit, and intercede for us.  In Christ's name, amen.

II. Read Psalm 86
III. Daily Scripture Readings

Sunday, Jan 17

Monday, Jan 18

Tuesday, Jan 19

Wednesday, Jan 20

Thursday, Jan 21

Friday, Jan 22

Saturday, Jan 23

Sunday, Jan 24

Psalm 8

John 1:35-51

Matthew 4:17-22

Luke 9:23-27, 57-62

Matthew 10:34-42

Matthew 11:25-30

Matthew 19:16-30

Mark 10:13-16 & Proverbs 22:6

IV. Prayer
  • Offer thanks

  • Pray for yourself

  • Pray for others

  • Pray for the Church

  • Give praise to God

V. Song of Response

I invite you to prayerfully listed to this Taize version of "Bless the Lord, My Soul": http://bit.ly/2WvElVv.

VI. Benediction

Send us, Lord, into the world to be the body of Christ, so that others might know of your love and mercy.  Amen.