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           Juarez, Mexico Mission Trip


Since 2004, Faith has partnered with Operacion Hogar (Home Operation) in Juarez, Mexico in order to build simple block houses with people living in substandard housing.


While there, we work alongside and are supervised by a local team of builders.  We also often get the pleasure of working with the family who will live in the house once it is built. 


In 2019, 15 people took the trip and built two houses for an extended family that is living next door to one another.


Over the 15 years of Faith’s involvement in this ministry, we have been able to build 35 houses and connect with hundreds of people’s lives in Ciudad Juarez. 


To know more about Operacion Hogar or how to get involved, contact Pastor Cory  at 217-359-3631 or  Our next trip will be in the fall of 2020…!

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