A Plan for Returning to In-Person Worship
Sunday, January 31—9am only

As we continue to navigate the complexities of being the Church in a pandemic-world—and as our region continues to progress in mitigation its mitigation efforts—we are planning to offer in-person worship on Sunday mornings again beginning Sunday, January 31.

In preparation for regathering in-person, we have spent an untold number of hours and energy to ensure the safety of all who enter the building. We also acknowledge that returning to an in-person format is not for everyone, so we will continue to live-stream worship on our website and Facebook pages.

In all of this, let’s not lose sight of the goal—growing in love for one another and for God, becoming more like the people God created us to be, and worshipping the Lord of Lords.
Below are some details on what this will look like:

1. Worship service details

a. We will continue to offer both the 9:00am and 10:30am services online.
b. However, only the 9:00am service in Worship and Life (W&L) will be available for in-person participation. The space in W&L is much more conducive to safety (due to the ability to move and distance the seating, the excellent airflow, and the amount of entrances). Given these concerns, we simply aren’t ready to host
people in the North Sanctuary yet.
c. W&L will be set up at 25% capacity, which is 162 people. In the fall, there was plenty of space as we averaged 40 people in-person each Sunday. As demand increases, we will continue to monitor and implement safeguards for everyone’s best interest.

2. No pre-registering for worship

a. Good news! At this time we’re not asking anyone to pre-register for worship. Instead, we will have contact info cards on each chair in W&L. For contact tracing purposes and everyone’s safety, we simply ask that all who attend worship fill out a card.

3. Protection procedures

a. Seating will be distanced and is currently set up as such.
b. Masks will be required (and provided if need be).
c. There will be no corporate singing.
d. We will maintain a 25-30 foot distance between the speakers and singers and the congregation.
e. The airflow of the room will be exchanged in entirety every 30 minutes.
f. There will be no coffee or social gathering time before or after the service.

g. If you’re are not feeling well or have been in close contact with someone who has been ill, please stay home and worship online.
h. Further, if you aren’t able to abide by these guidelines, we ask that you also stay home and worship online.
i. Please note that this list is not exhaustive and that the staff and volunteers will continue to plan for a variety of other details regarding safety and sanitation.

4. What about kids?

a. We will have a children’s sermon during the service.
b. We will also offer Sunday School. Kids are asked to wear masks and distance while in the building, and our Sunday School volunteers will do the same.
c. If you plan to have your kids in Sunday School, we would appreciate a heads up so that we can monitor our capacity. If you’re coming, just shoot Joe Smith (our new Director of Children and Youth Ministries!) an email:
d. We do not, however, have nursery available.

Lastly, we want to thank you for making Faith a wonderful community of Christ. We are in an extraordinary time, and you have excelled in caring for one another. Further, thank you for your trust in us as we seek to be good stewards of everyone’s health and wellness as well as meet people’s needs.
Should you have any questions about the above plan, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our pastors at 217-359-3631.