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Affirmation and Inclusion at Faith

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Symbolic of resurrection and transformation the butterfly has long been an emblem of Faith United Methodist Church. Displaying a butterfly in rainbow colors in a heart full of Faith's diverse people indicates our affirmation and inclusion of everyone. We believe that every person created by God's hands is an individual of sacred worth. We embrace our  differences as a gift of God, we embody love and justice for all God’s children, and we bear witness to Christ's inclusive love and grace. 

We encourage open and honest conversation between all members of our congregation and offer the following resources as tools to promote education and build understanding. We know that the resources listed below do not represent all that is available, but we hope to add meaningful  information over time. 

Local Community Resources

The UP Center was founded in 2009 as an organization to advocate for the equality, wellness, advocacy, and visibility of the LGBTQ+ communities in Champaign County. 

University YMCA, 1001 S. Wright St., Champaign, IL, 61820

Other General Resources
Reconciling Ministries image.jpg

Reconciling Ministries Network equips and mobilizes United Methodists of all  sexual orientations and gender identities to resist evil, injustice, and oppression in  whatever forms they present themselves. 

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United Methodist Insight, sponsored by St. Stephens UMC in Mesquite, TX, seeks to provide information and perspectives for concerned United Methodists and decision-makers who will shape the future of The United Methodist Church and the communities in which they live and serve. All view points expressed on this website are those of the author.


The Reformation Project

A Bible-based, Christian organization, that honors Scripture and fully affirms LGBTQ people.

Articles, Books and Videos

The United Methodist Church I Hope to Serve (by Adam Hamilton)

On his blog site Adam Hamilton, Pastor of the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection,  Kansas City, MO, shares his personal thoughts on current inclusion and unity issues facing the  United Methodist Church. 


Kathy Baldock: Untangling the [LGBTQ+] Mess - The Reformation Project in Los Angeles 

A video looking at various timelines related to how the world and the United Methodist Church  ended up misunderstanding the LGBTQ+ community. 


"No Innocent Bystanders: Becoming an Ally in the Struggle for Justice" by Shannon Craigo-Snell &

Christopher J. Doucot Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press (October 11, 2017) 144 pages. ISBN-10: 0664262627  ISBN-13: 978-0664262624 


Fighting for LGBTQ inclusion in the United Methodist Church | UnUnited Documentary - The fight for and

against LGBTQ inclusion in the United Methodist Church leading up to and through the conclusion of the 2019 General Conference. Created by Brian Rose of Movoly Productions with support in part from: Restoration Church, Floris United  Methodist Church, Virginia Annual Conference and the Reconciling Ministries Network. (WARNING: Parts of this documentary may be very disturbing.)

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