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Fusion, at 9am and Celebrate, at 10:30am, will be live streaming on Facebook and our homepage and in-person.



Sunday 9:00 am in the Worship and Life Center

A Modern Blend of Music, Fellowship, and Faith

Why fusion? The definition of fusion suggests a situation in which at least two elements come together and then melt into one another creating energy.  Scientists have struggled with being able to create such an energy in all climates, but it has yet to be found. If the experiment is ever proved successful, it will change the world.
For us at Faith United Methodist Church, those two units are faith and life. So as a direction for fusion worship the worship team works hard at understanding current reality and addressing it through the eyes of faith. fusion also encourages people to allow their faith and life to melt together each and every day and in every place.   As you experience worship at 9:00AM at Faith UMC, may you find an experience where you and our Creator and you and those you worship with come together as one creation, as one entity, and one energy-filled disciple of Jesus Christ.     


Sunday 10:30 am in the North Sanctuary

Creative approaches to traditional worship

“Celebrate” describes the overall mood of this service, where our choirs provide inspiring and diverse choral music. This weekly worship is also enriched by such things as liturgical dance, dramatic readings, instrumental accompaniment, children’s choirs, or creative meditation. Families appreciate the opportunities for children to participate in the worship experience. 

  ** Faith is fully handicapped accessible   **Childcare is offered at all services ​


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