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Directory Access

If you have already set up your family profile, you can find the directory at

The Access Key was in the email sent from the church August 11.  If you do not have the Key, please email


Editing Your Profile

You can get to the family edit page by either clicking the link in your invitation email or using this link: 

When you click on the link you will be directed to the page where you can edit your family’s directory information.  First, you will need to choose a password.  It can be whatever you will remember.  If you are asked to enter an email on this page, it is the email to which the invitation was sent August 10th and 11th.  

After you sign in, you can update any incorrect information about your family.  Your family profile has information about the entire family.  You may choose to have your Address, phone number, and/or email address either listed or unlisted.  You may also choose to hide your family’s profile from view by other members if that is your wish.  Some fields, like the birthday fields are NOT shown in the directory but you have the option of editing them for our church records.  You have the option of hiding all of the information that is shown in the directory. If a field does not give you that option, it is not seen in the directory.


If you need to stop one of your family members from being seen in the directory you can hide them.  Alternatively, you can add or change information for each person in your family.  For instance, our son lives in Peoria instead of Champaign.  I can change his address, or at the bottom of the page under “Directory Visibility” I can hide his profile. 


To add a picture, find the box on the right of the page below the empty picture and click where it says, “Click or tap to select an image.”  This will open a window on your computer where you can find your pictures and select one to upload to your profile.  After you select the picture, the blue box labeled “Upload New Image” will get brighter.  Click it to upload your picture.  If you don’t like the picture you can delete it with the “Delete Image” button.  You can add a family picture and also pictures of each person if you like.


The link to get to the Online Directory itself is:

The KEY to sign in to the directory is in a separate email or available by contacting the office. 

Please save the Link and the Key for future reference.                          For picture instruction follow this link 

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